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Do you have an interest in the creative arts? Are you interested in how Films, Video Games or Television programmes are made? Are you keen to know what the motivations are behind newspaper headlines and websites? Are you considering a career within the media industry? If the answers to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then Media Studies maybe the subject for you!

A Level Media is a combination of theory, analysis and practical skills. You will undertake a critical analysis of a wide range of set products from different media including advertising, print, film, TV, videos and games. By applying theory, you will gain a deeper understanding of how media products change over time and shape audience responses. Students will gain valuable skills through the completion of practical coursework, which requires them to produce a piece of original media content.

A Level Media Studies is taught on the Eduqas Specification. You will complete a piece of Non-Examined Assessment (coursework) in the second year, which is worth 30% of the overall as well as prepare for externally sat examinations. There are two sat papers in Media Studies.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.

Year 1

Investigating Media Products, Language and Representations: This unit explores media language and representation which will begin to develop your skills in being able to analyse and evaluate a range of different media forms, from Film and radio to Newspapers, video games and advertising. You will consider how representations relate to social, cultural, historical, political, and economic contexts. You will also explore a range of theorists who present their approaches to these contexts. You will examine case studies such as Black Panther and the Assassins Creed franchise to explore these concepts.

‘Investigating Media Forms and Products’: You will explore three media forms in depth: Television, Magazines, and online media. You will explore the contexts and operations of these industries as well as the works of theorists who have written about these. You will also examine at how audiences interpret, consume, and interact with works in these categories.

‘Media Production’: This unit is a non-examination assessment from a choice of briefs from the Board applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework.

Year 2
You will further your understanding and consolidate your learning with further units in:

Media Products, Industries and Audiences: this unit assesses media language, representations and media contexts. This assesses language in two mediums including marketing, advertising, newspapers or music video

Media Forms and Products in-depth: this unit seeks to assess further types of media including film, radio and video games

Cross Media Production’ This unit is a non-examination assessment and is a response from a choice of briefs set applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework and digital convergence.

An A Level in Media provides a combination of theoretical and practical skills that are widely desired within the creative industries Jobs including Broadcasters, Journalists, and Public Relations Officer.

Media Studies provides students a combination of theoretical and practical skills that are widely desired and they typically either go on to study the subject at university or seek employment within the creative arts or media industries, however the skills you develop in the Media Studies A Level can be transferred to a range of different degrees. Common subject combinations with Media Studies include Art, Politics, Psychology and Sociology.
We offer a fantastic series of media relevant degree options at our WISE campus for those who are looking to stay local to the Bristol/South Gloucestershire area. Our WISE campus offers state of the art facilities, to find out more about this option please visit https://he.sgscol.ac.uk/.

If you take A Level Media Studies, there is an opportunity to join our Media Academy. This provides further support in developing the skills needed in different pieces of software for the subject such as Photoshop, WIX and Canva. There are also many different opportunities for trips for Media students, including to a journalism workshop organised by The Guardian newspaper and to the BBC Studios in Bristol. There are also lots of opportunities for talks by academics and industry insiders throughout the course of the A Level.

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