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SGS Sixth

Student support

At SGS Sixth we offer wrap around support for all of our learners along their learning journey. This enables our learners to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Study Skills Support

Our learners can access a wide range of support in developing their study skills. Through e-campus they can book a 1:1 session with one of our Study Skills team who can go through revision and notetaking techniques, help plan out a revision schedule and signpost to different websites and apps to help with revision. Teachers can also help signpost learners ways to help develop their study skills which are specific for their subjects.


The careers service is there to help guide learners towards their future careers. We have an excellent careers platform in the Sixth Form called Professional Futures that can help learners build a CV, refine interview techniques and develop skills for future careers success. This is accessed via e-campus. Learners can also book a careers appointment with a member of the careers team for 1:1 guidance and support. To find out more about how the careers service can support you, visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/careers


Exam Access Arrangements are reasonable adjustments that are put in place if a learner has a specific learning need. These can include laptop or computer use for exams, enlarged exam papers, extra time in exams, coloured overlays, or small rooms. If you have had these previously at school getting them carried over to the Sixth Form is easy. All you need to do is ask your tutor to arrange a meeting with our EAA team who will complete the necessary paperwork. This meeting needs to be held before January to ensure these are in place for the summer exams.


There are dedicated wellbeing mentors for the Sixth Form to help learners with all aspects of their mental or physical health. Learners can speak to a wellbeing mentor if they want to support, advice or guidance, or just if they want someone to talk to. They can arrange additional 1:1s, help with sexual health services, liaise with external agencies and provide access to our dedicated counsellors.


Increasingly, learners are seeing Higher or Degree based apprenticeships as an alternative path to going to university. As part of SGS College, Sixth Form learners can receive support and guidance from the apprenticeship team for these opportunities after completion of their A Level programme. For more information, advice and guidance visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/apprenticeships

Money Management Service

The Money Management Service (MMS) is there to provide you with information, advice and guidance on a range of financial support from bursaries, IT equipment, bus passes and free college meals. They can also help with payment plans and loans for mature learners who are returning to education. To find out more about the range of services the MMS team can provide, please visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/mms

Learning Support

The learning support department provides tailored support to learners who need it. They can provide specialist support for learners who have a specific learning difficulty e.g. Dyslexia, Dspraxia or autism, provide access to assistive IT equipment, provide support with short-term injuries and many more.


All learners in the Sixth Form are assigned a personal tutor. This individual will see the learners every week and help them to keep track of their progress and be there to direct them towards the different support services in the college. The tutor is the central point of contact for any queries about a learners progress whilst they are with us. Learners attend a weekly tutorial session with their tutor and will also have a termly 1:1 with them.

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