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SGS Sixth

Parking and Permits

SGS Sixth is committed to ensuring that we have a safe parking environment for students, staff and visitors. For this reason a E-Parking Permit scheme is in operation 24 hours a day.


How do I register?

You can register for your parking permit by visiting the CPM Portal. All you need is your ID number, printed on the front of your student/staff card.

Can I register more than one car?

No, by creating an e-permit account you have the option to log back in and change the registration number. Only one vehicle can be registered, so it is your responsibility to update your account should you decide to use a different vehicle at any time.

Who can I contact?

Our car park is managed by CPM UK Ltd. If you have any queries or issues they can be contacted directly through the following methods:


Direct to CPM UK Ltd:e: 
0345 463 5050

Do you have parking wardens?

SGS parking areas will be visited by wardens at regular intervals during the day, and warning or penalty notices will be issued to any vehicle not adhering

How long does a permit last for?

Permits last to the end of an academic year (e.g. 31st July).

What if I am a delivery driver?

Access to our sites must be pre-approved; please confirm your requested date of attendance and your vehicle registration number to estates.helpdesk@sgscol.ac.uk 
Your visit will be marked approved, and your vehicle registered to be on-site avoiding any unnecessary parking charges.

If you have any problems when you arrive, please contact our reception team on 0117 915 2459

Visiting us or picking up a student?

Our car park allows 20 minutes free, giving visitors plenty of time to drop off and pick up. If you wish to visit for more than 20 minutes, you can do so for free by reporting to the college reception.

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