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SGS Sixth

Financial Support

The Money Management Service are a unique team dedicated to providing you with information, advice and guidance on the financial support that is available while you study. Don’t be left worrying about the cost of sixth form life, we offer a variety of internal and external schemes that may be able to support you.

Fees at SGS Sixth

Most learners that join SGS Sixth between the ages of 16 and 18 will not have fees to pay. However, this section provides you with the various financial support options should you require support.


Advanced Learner Loans are similar to higher education loans, helping students to pay for tuition fees rather than having to pay upfront. Payments are made directly to SGS Sixth, based on your attendance. If you leave your course, your loan will stop and you be responsible for paying any outstanding amount owed to the college.

Instalment plans

With FlexPay you can select the payment plan length that best suits you as an individual. Their online portal allows you to track payments, make repayments, and manage every other element of your instalment plan. To use this option there is a small admin charge of £6 to pay each month but, as it's not a loan, there's no interest or credit charges at any time. Your instalment plan must end before the end date of your course.

Means tested financial support options

We offer a range of financial support options to help overcome any barriers that could prevent you from coming to SGS Sixth. 

Our three funding streams are provided by the government to help specific financial hardship needs. This funding is awarded as a bursary to eligible students.

Our three bursary funding streams are:

  • 16-19 Bursary

  • Adult Support Fund

  • Advanced Leaner Loans Bursary

Waivers and Entitlements

Depending on your age, level studying and circumstances you may be eligible for one of our waivers or entitlements. These usually reduce course costs, usually removing all course costs (tuition, exam and material).

We currently have five waiver/entitlement options that you may be eligible for. 


  • Level 2 Entitlement

  • Level 3 Entitlement

  • National Skills Fund

  • Benefit Waiver

  • Low Income Waiver

Payment Portal

You can make payments directly to the college at any point via our Payment Portal. Here you can also review your balance at any point during the academic year. 

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