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SGS Sixth

Financial Support

The Money Management Service are a unique team dedicated to providing you with information, advice and guidance on the financial support that is available while you study. Don’t be left worrying about the cost of sixth form life, we offer a variety of internal and external schemes that may be able to support you.

Learners Aged 16 - 19

Whilst studying with SGS Sixth, there is a range of financial support available. These include bursaries, Welsh EMA (for learners resident in Wales), Free College Meals and support for young parents. 


To see if you are eligible for any of the above financial support, please visit the 16 - 19 funding options page of the main college website. 

Support to purchase IT equipment

SGS Sixth learners are able to access discounts on the purchase of IT equipment through Dell's student discount programme.

In addition, all SGS Sixth learners are able to download a free version of Microsoft Office through their learner accounts.

To view details on IT support, please visit the IT support section of the main college website.

PayMyStudent Portal

To apply for any financial support whilst at college and to view payments, please visit the PayMyStudent Portal and create an account.

Learners aged 19+

Applicants aged 19 - 23 seeking to start a study programme in our Sixth Form may be eligible to apply for an entitlement to cover the costs of their study or can access a range of fee waivers or loans to support them into a study programme. 

To explore all these options, please visit the 19+ funding options page of the main college website.

Money  Management Service

The Money Management Service (MMS) is there to help you with any questions you may have about finances, including questions and support with bursary payments, whilst at the college. The view their services, please visit the Money Management Service section of the main college website.

Payment Portal

You can make payments directly to the college at any point via our Payment Portal. Here you can also review your balance at any point during the academic year.


This is where you can pay for college trips and any other specific equipment costs which may be associated with your course.

Course Basket

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