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SGS Sixth

Our Campus

Find out more about our exciting campus, dedicated to our sixth form. 

At SGS Sixth, we look to make campus life as exciting as possible, whilst offering you state of the art facilities where possible. Helping you have an outstanding experience while studying with us. From our Wise Arena to  dedicated Sixth Form campus, we recognise and ensure your campus life is everything you could hope for.


Gary Parsons

Head of SGS Sixth

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The Sixth Form

SGS Sixth is located in its own dedicated building, called 'A Block'. It is located over the road from the main campus at SGS College Filton. 

Sixth Form learners are able to access the facilities of the main college, however the Sixth Form is only open for Sixth Form learners to access. 

The Sixth Form building contains all of the facilities our Sixth Form learners need, with its own car park, library, study zones and coffee shop. To take a tour of our wonderful campus site, please see the 'Sixth Form Tour' section.


Sixth Form Library

The Sixth Form library is a place to study, take out books and work with others in a quiet space. It is also where many of our Sixth Form talks take place. 

There is a variety of places to be able to charge a laptop or device, computers to use and space to study both individually or as a small group. 

Our library staff will be able to help you take out books or advise you about how you can access study skills sessions or wider support. 

The library is a food-free zone, although bottled water is allowed.

Sixth Form Coffee Shop

The Sixth Form has its own coffee shop, serving a range of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, meals and snacks. It is also a place to be able to eat lunches you may chose to bring in, socialise or study with friends.


Our coffee shop is a cash-less coffee shop and learners with Free College Meals can purchase items using an app. Our learners are also able to access the bigger refectory for SGS College on the main college site over the road. 

Opening Times

The Sixth Form is open from 08:00 - 17:00 every day for learners to be able to use the facilities and study. This is especially useful for learners who may struggle to find a quiet place to be able to struggle at home. 

The those wanting to study later, the main campus of SGS College over the road from our building is open later on some days of the week.

Sixth Form Tour

Take a look around our Sixth Form! Click on the box below to be able to walk through our Sixth Form campus.

Study Zones

On every floor of the Sixth Form are dedicated areas for learners to be able to study in their independent study periods.

The ground floor contains a quiet study zone outside the Maths classrooms, on the first floor is a silent study zone outside the History classroom, whilst outside the Library is a collaborative study zone for learners to be able to work together on projects which might be too noisy for the library.

Driving to the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form benefits from its own car park located to the rear of the building for those who have passed their driving test. See our parking page for more details on how to register for a free parking permit.

Within the car park there is also space for motorbike parking and parents also receive 20 minutes free parking to pick up and drop off learners at the beginning and end of the day. 

Bicycles, Scooters and Buses

Bicycles can be locked up in our bicycle store outside of the Sixth Form, whilst there is also a Tier electric scooter station outside the Sixth Form on the A38. For those who travel by bus, there is bus stops on both sides of the A38 directly outside the building. For more details on travel options, visit our travel page

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