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SGS Sixth

Student life

At SGS Sixth we put our students first and offer a range of services, activities and events year round. Find out more below and experience SGS and student life to it's fullest. 

Being a student at SGS Sixth means you are part of a community that prides itself on having high expectations and pushes individuals to challenge themselves. We want students to experience new things and see the world through a variety of different lenses. Growing up is about embracing opportunities and importantly, making friendships that will last a lifetime. Our tutorial, enrichment and Academy offer will fully support you in your studies and expand your horizons to help you become the best academic you can possibly be. We also want you to be a confident, articulate, problem solver who is ready for anything life throws at you. We look forward to helping you shape your goals and ambitions in a safe, caring and nurturing environment. 

Mark A Jones

Head of Academic

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Your study programme

Your study programme consists of the following:

· Your three chosen subjects (if taking Further Maths, this will be four)

· Your academy choice

· Weekly Tutorial sessions with your dedicated pastoral tutor

· Termly 1:1 with your pastoral tutor to discuss progress

· 30 hours of work placement, relevant to the career you want to go into, taken where best fits the placement you have found

· Talks, socials, trips taken when arranged throughout the year

What life is like at SGS Sixth?


Tracking and monitoring your progress


Why join SGS Sixth?

SGS Sixth is North Bristol’s premier Sixth Form. We achieve not only excellent results but our learners also have some of the best value added scores in the entire South West. This means that our learners make excellent progress from their start points. In addition to this, our learners also benefit from our Academies programme, where they can obtain further skills and knowledge in their chosen subjects, learn new skills or join one of SGS College’s Sports Academies. We also provide wrap around pastoral support for our learners helping them grow and develop as individuals throughout their studies with us.

As a specialist Sixth Form, we offer a much wider range of different subject options compared to a school. There is also a very different relationship between teachers and our learners that is focused on bridging the gap towards Higher Education and Employment.



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