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  • SGS Sixth Subjects

    SGS Sixth SUB ects j SGS Sixth Form offers a range of subjects to help you flourish and become outstanding. Our courses open up a wide range of possibilities for students in the world of work, enterprise, further and higher education. Why not get in Contact with us to find out more. Art Awarding Body: UAL Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Creative Arts Biology Awarding Body: OCR Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Biomedical Science (Applied) Awarding Body: Edexcel Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Business Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Professional Services Chemistry Awarding Body: OCR Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Core Maths Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/24 Find Out More STEM Criminology Awarding Body: WJEC Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Economics Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Professional Services English Language Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities English Literature Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Film Studies Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Creative Arts Food Science and Nutrition Awarding Body: Eduqas Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Forensic Science (Applied) Awarding Body: Edexcel Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Further Mathematics Awarding Body: Edexcel Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Geography Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities History Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Law Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Professional Services Mathematics Awarding Body: Edexcel Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Media Awarding Body: Eduqas Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Creative Arts Photography Awarding Body: UAL Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More New for 23 Physical Education Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Physics Awarding Body: OCR Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More STEM Politics Awarding Body: Edexcel Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Psychology Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Awarding Body: OCR Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Sociology Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More Humanities Spanish Awarding Body: AQA Add To Basket Level: 3 Start Date: 04/09/23 Find Out More New for 23 Student Support Our Team Find out more about our outstanding staff and departments, dedicated to providing you with outstanding learning and support. Careers Advice Academies SGS OPEN DAY Join us at our SGS College and SGS Sixth Open Day to find out more about the extensive range of courses on offer. Speak with our experienced tutors, take a tour of our campus and discover what makes SGS outstanding!

  • Courses

    ACADEMIES SGS Sixth has an outstanding academies programme to help you flourish. These range from Subject Academies to supercharge your learning, Skills Academies to learn something new like Chinese or how to drive a car, to our prestigious Sports Academies. Our Academies enrichment programme has been carefully designs to provide you with a wide range of chances to develop your skills and experiences. We believe that alongside developing your character, enrichment directly impacts your academic attainment too. Enrichment is a wonderful chance to make lasting friendships, pursue your hobbies and widen your academic capabilities, so make it count! Mark A Jones Assistant Principal - Academic Aspire Academy Honours Academy Open to all learners thinking of applying to top universities. This academy will not only help you to successfully apply to the top-ranking universities in the country but will also enable the development of a wide range of academic and personal skills that will help turn you into a more rounded learner. You will gain valuable experience and insight into the process of applying for elite Universities including Oxbridge, Russell group universities and other high-ranking institutions. You will complete activities that will improve your critical reasoning, research and presentation skills. You will also have opportunities to develop your interview skills so you can be more employable in the future. Aspire Academy Medical Academy Open to all learners thinking of applying for medicine, dentistry or veterinary science degrees. Thinking of following a career path to become a doctor, nurse, dentist or vet? The medical academy is designed for those who are wanting to go onto one of these highly competitive degree courses after your A Levels. This academy will explore the specific skills needed to enter these industries and make yourself stand-out as a candidate to universities. There will be guest speakers, help with putting together your university application and guidance towards finding relevant and beneficial work experience whilst you study. Alongside this, you will learn more about how the healthcare industry operates. Aspire Academy Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Open to learners in their second year of study who want to gain an additional qualification. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a challenging yet rewarding qualification that helps you develop your research skills. The EPQ helps prepare you for University by developing your independent study skills. You will be responsible for setting your own research question, then through research you will be supported to write a report or create an artefact. You will need to express your interest in undertaking the EPQ towards the end of the first year and complete the preparatory work over the summer period before enrolment in the second year of your studies. Subject Academy Business Academy Open to learners studying Business or Economics Are you studying Business or Economics and want to put your skills to the test? In the Business Academy learners start their own company and register it with companies house. They are given a cash injection by the sixth form to design, develop, market and sell a product. Learners in the Business Academy are given specific roles within their company, each fulfilling a different role like in any business organisation. Everything you study in the classroom can be applied and developed in this academy which is run by external advisors from the world of Business who share their expertise with you. It is a fantastic opportunity to put your learning into practice. Previous years have seen the Business Academy make enough profit to donate over 100 trees to reforestation efforts with the profits made. Subject Academy English Academy Open to those learners studying English Language and Literature The English Academy will broaden your understanding of the world around you as we discuss a variety of texts from across the globe. You will explore key contemporary concepts through the medium of personal essays, short stories, speeches and more. You will also have the opportunity to enter a range of essay competitions as we level up your academic writing skills. This academy is especially useful those those interested in careers in journalism, teaching or marketing and for those studying English Language Subject Academy History Academy Open to all learners The History Academy will essentially equip you with the skills to ask 'What is History and why do we study it?' You'll develop your research skills, use source work and explore how fields of history affects perspective. There will also be an opportunity to consider the history around us, and to explore how history is presented in the public space. It will also introduce ideas such as heritage, collective memory and national memory. There'll be a chance to consider controversial histories, such as the Colston statue and you'll use documentary and film media to enhance your understanding of the taught curriculum. There is also a range of speakers who come in to speak to you about different aspects of history, in the pas this has included speakers from the SS Great Britain. Subject Academy Legal Academy Open to students studying Law, Criminology and Forensic Science. In this academy you will dissect and analyse a new legal case study each week - with a focus on miscarriages of justice, American and British crime. The academy is discussion based and you will need to consider the evidence and be prepared to get involved with each case. You will also dive into and investigate a series of cold cases; reviewing the evidence and exploring new lines of enquiries. In addition to this, the legal academy also has talks from a wide variety of different speakers. Such as university lecturers from our university partners, police officers and legal professionals. Subject Academy Maths Academy Maths Academy is a weekly session with a purpose to provide extra help and support with any maths you have covered in any subject, whether that’s maths, or science, or psychology and beyond. As your exams draw closer it will also be a great chance to attempt past papers and get help with revision and exam techniques from a subject specialist. For both those who either love maths and can’t get enough, or those who loathe it and need some more support! Help and support is provided by both teaching and Sixth Form staff as well as second year maths students working to offer help and support to first years. Subject Academy Media Academy This academy is open to any learner. In this academy, you will learn and develop skills around media including discussing the landscape of the media today, current news stories and the different slants different media outlets have on them and developments and trends in social media. In addition you will develop skills in products, such as Adobe Photoshop, which are useful for a wide-range of careers in media and publishing and extremely useful for those studying Media as these are needed for the NEA element of that course. Subject Academy Psychology Academy Open to those learners studying Psychology. This academy gives you the opportunity to explore different aspects of Psychology beyond the classroom. From analysing the showmanship of Derren Brown in his Channel 4 documentaries to learning about careers in Psychology and additional research studies. You will look at areas of psychology such as: forensic, health, clinical, educational, research, occupational, counselling, neuro and sports psychology. You will also have a chance to make links between these areas and the psychological research that underpins them, so they have a better understanding of how psychology is used in the real world. Subject Academy Science Academy Open to all learners studying a Science This academy helps further your skillset in Science with additional experiments, talks and opportunities for trips. This is an opportunity for you to explore the complex and sometimes adversarial relationship between the products we consume, the companies who produce them, how they are tested, and what impact they have on our health. Join this academy if you want to become a scientist and not a consumer! Subject Academy Sociology Academy Open to Sociology students Take the sociological concepts you explore in class and apply it to the world around you and contemporary issues. This academy will develop your understanding and interest in global contemporary social issues, along with your analytical and evaluative skills which are an important factor in your success in the subject. The Sociology Academy is delivered in a series of workshops and guest lectures. Skills Academy BSL Academy Did you know that there are over 151,000 users of British Sign Language (BSL) in the UK? This academy gives you an introduction to the basics of BSL and will give you the skills to hold basic conversations with members of the deaf community, their relatives and interpreters. This is a useful skill to have in any customer facing role or even just to learn for fun! Over the twelve weeks the academy runs, you will be able to learn how to greet deaf people, learn the alphabet and numbers, say basic phrases and more! Skills Academy Careers Academy The Careers Academy is guaranteed to give you some amazing tools to help you navigate your future. In twelve sessions you will create an outstanding CV, build your digital profile, learn about the changing jobs market, understand how to ace interviews, search out the best Post-18 courses for your individual needs, discover entrepreneurship, and lots more. Skills Academy Chinese Academy This academy is designed to help you learn basic Chinese language skills such as greeting, introducing self, currency and counting, food and drink and shopping. There are also some opportunities to experience Chinese culture through events, activities and celebrations throughout the year. Skills Academy Debating Academy The ability to communicate effectively and back-up an argument with well-selected evidence is a key skill that universities and employers look for. The Debating Academy holds weekly debates on a range of issues. Sometimes you may be arguing for something you believe in, however learning to argue for something you don't believe in is a more difficult, yet rewarding task. Membership of the academy brings with it the opportunity to enter local, and national, debating competitions which further help make members of the academy stand out as candidates. Skills Academy Digi-Ed Academy The SGS DigiED academy is for any student who seeks to develop their digital skills. Advancing your digital skills will open doors for your career, and support your studies. At SGS college we have a range of Microsoft experts, and we would like to help you assess and develop your digital skills too. You will develop across a range of areas, including: Basic digital skills. using digital tools. finding information and resources, digital communication, digital creativity and more. Skills Academy Driving Academy The Driving Academy is designed to equip you with the skills you need to pass your driving theory test, along with the opportunity to have a driving lesson too. You will discover the rules of the road, how insurance works and how to fix common problems with a car, alongside crucial practice and guidance for your test. Skills Academy Italian Academy Want to learn some basic Italian? Thinking of going on a holiday to Italy? Want to learn a useful additional skill? If so, then the Italian Academy is for you! The ability to speak languages is a really useful skill and something that looks really good on a CV or UCAS statement. Over the twelve week length of the academy, you will learn some basic phrases in Italian to be able to hold basic conversations, order food and will serve as the launch pad for future exploration of the language. Skills Academy Horticultural Academy This academy gives you an introduction to plantsmanship; the knowledge of plants alongside the skill and expertise in planting. This year-long project will bring a community of like-minded and budding green fingered enthusiasts to plan, design and create wildlife spaces around our campus making it buzz and burst into life. The horticulture academy has its own Polytunnel where plants are propagated ready to be planted around the Sixth Form site. Skills Academy LGBTQ+ Academy This academy runs on Friday lunch times and is open to all learners. The LGBTQ+ Academy runs for our learners to meet and discuss in a safe space. The LGBTQ+ organises several talks and events throughout the year, with a focus on celebrating LGBT History month and Pride. Skills Academy Marketing and Short Films Academy The marketing academy is for those interested in knowing more about marketing and how to create advertisements. The academy will work on a series of short films about the Sixth Form to put onto our website working on creating impactful, well filmed, case studies about learners experiences in the Sixth Form. This is ideal for those interested in film, journalism and marketing careers and helps to create a visible portfolio of videos that can aid in applications onto these types of courses, or, of course, just for fun. Skills Academy Music Academy Do you play a musical instrument? Are you interested in having the opportunity to play with others? Our music academy allows you the opportunity to jam, learn and put on performances for the Sixth Form. Whether it is to help chill out, or for fun and friendship. The music academy is a group of like minded learners who enjoy playing and want the opportunity to play together. Skills Academy Sixth Form Magazine Academy With so much going on in our Sixth Form, the Sixth Form Magazine Academy aims to capture what is going on in our Sixth Form in one place to put this out to parents and other learners. You will learn a range of really useful skills such as how to put articles together, how digital platforms, like Canva, can be used and how to market and promote news events in this Academy Skills Academy Wellbeing and Resilience Academy This 24 week program will support you in developing a sense of self awareness and skills to support you in day-day life. Much of what we will cover will also help take you to a space where you are able to effectively perform in your personal and college life. We will explore areas such as resilience and problem solving and combine this with activities such as relaxation and yoga. Skills Academy Table Tennis and coaching for fun This activity, run in the Sixth Form, is an opportunity for learners to have some fun playing table tennis and receive some informal coaching. Please note: This is not the Table Tennis Academy Sports Academy American Football Academy With unparalleled player success, top level coaching and the ability to fit American Football around your studies, Bristol Pride, our American Football Academy is perfect if you play American Football. To find out more visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/american-football for more information Sports Academy Athletics Academy Combine your interest in Athletics with your A Level studies and gain access to our performance coaches, support plans and facilities. To find out more visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/athletics Sports Academy Basketball Academy We have teams that compete in the Elite Academy Basketball League (EABL) and the AOC South West League. SGS Sport and Bristol Flyers are fully integrated in our offer where we provide opportunities to compete in the Basketball England national basketball league (NBL) and the British Basketball League (BBL). The Basketball academy is open to both male and female players as we make the step towards entering the WEABL To find out more visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/basketball Sports Academy Boxing Academy DiSE Boxing at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College works with the brightest talents from boxing clubs in the South West, at SGS College we have a proven pathway to being successful and we are the first step on the England Boxing Talent programme. To find out more visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/boxing Sports Academy Cricket Academy The Cricket Academy are the reigning Association of Colleges (AOC) national champions. Led by head coach Luke Sellers run a player-centred programme that aims to help students develop both as cricketers and as young people. The Academy typically trains three times a week and also has access to strength and conditioning and physiotherapy support. For more details visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/cricket Sports Academy E-Sports Academy Whether you are a top-level player or you just want to give something a go, you can get involved in our Esports Academy. We provide coaching for players and teams of all levels. We aim to develop aspiring professional players, providing them with the knowledge and skills to improve their performance in-game, while educating players on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For more details visit:https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/esports Sports Academy Football Academy The Men's and Women's Football Academies allow you to combine your ability in football with your A Level study programme. With top coaches, amazing facilities and access to a wide range of support including sports science, sports therapy and strength and conditioning members are supported to become elite athletes For more details visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/sports-academies Sports Academy Golf Academy Being part of the Golf Academy offers a wonderful, supportive, and competitive environment, to talented young golfers. The perfect blend of continual guidance and mentoring from highly experienced PGA coaches, alongside numerous elite level competitions, across the UK and beyond, equips the golfers with the skills and knowledge they need to reach the highest levels in the game. For more details visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/golf Sports Academy Netball Academy As one of the original sports academies, the Netball Academy has flourished over the years to become a well-established name in netball. At SGS, we are proud to offer a range of top-class facilities, including a fully sprung sports hall, a strength and conditioning gym and an athletics track. By joining SGS Netball, you will be signing up to an elite netball programme that encompasses up to 16 hours per week of court training, strength and conditioning and competitive gameplay, as well as match analysis and theory sessions. For more details visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/netball Sports Academy Rugby Union Academy With links to Bristol Bears Rugby Club, our Rugby Union Academy fields both male and female teams and is well known for their local and national success. The SGS Rugby Academy has a longstanding reputation of developing aspiring rugby players since its conception as one of the original academies at the college. As an academy we are committed to supporting each student-athlete to achieve their personal best on and off-field. For more details, visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/sports-academies Sports Academy Table Tennis Academy Our student athletes are provided with the opportunity of practice and competitions, with primary squad training sessions timetabled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The facilities at SGS are state of the art, and Academy students get personalised programmes to follow during their supervised strength and conditioning gym sessions, in addition to access to full-time physiotherapists, who help with injury avoidance and rehabilitation. To find out more, visit: https://www.sgscol.ac.uk/academies/table-tennis Additional Support STEM @Lunch Talks The STEM@Lunch talks are an additional opportunity for any learner, particularly those who study the sciences, to listen to a range of academics and employers talk about their work and research. STEM@Lunch talks are held monthly and attendance also contributes towards learners work placement hours. Come listen to a varied range of interesting talks from experts and see what you could do on the next stage of your education journey! Additional Support Study Skills The study skills programme is designed to support all learners who feel they need some guidance in organising the way they study, and the skills they need to be successful students. This academy will be delivered by our Library+ staff, who are experts in applying Study Skills to improve your academic success. SGS OPEN DAY Join us at our SGS College and SGS Sixth Open Day to find out more about the extensive range of academies and courses on offer. Speak with our experienced tutors, take a tour of our campus and discover what makes SGS outstanding!

  • Spanish

    A Level Spanish add to basket Awarding Body Hours Per Week UCAS Points Pass Rates Campus Level AQA 4.5 A* = 56 NEW for 2024 Filton 3 ​ If you are looking to study A-Levels please apply for up to three subjects. Simply add each course to your basket or visit our Apply section . Summary *NEW for 2024* Are you interested in a range of aspects of Hispanic society, including values, multiculturism and traditions? Do you want to build on your GCSE Spanish experience to become more fluent in the language? Are you considering studying languages further after A Levels? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then A Level Spanish is the subject for you! A Level Spanish will build on your knowledge, understanding and skills gained whilst studying the subject at GCSE and constitutes an integrated study which focuses on language, culture, and society. As well as improving your skills in the Spanish language, studying a language at A Level fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity, which will be invaluable to you as you progress to further study and the wider world. In the first year, aspects of the social context are studied, together with aspects of the artistic life of Spanish-speaking countries. In the second year, further aspects of the social background are covered, focusing on matters associated with multiculturalism. You will also study aspects of the political landscape including the future of political life in the Hispanic world by focusing on young people and their political engagement. Spanish is taught on the AQA exam board and there are written and spoken exams in both years of study. Entry Requirements A minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths. A grade 5 or above in GCSE Spanish or fully bilingual in Spanish. Course Content You will study 6 units across the two years, which all relate to any Spanish-speaking country or countries 1. ‘Aspects of Hispanic society’: You will explore modern and traditional values (Los valores tradicionales y modernos), cyberspace (El ciberespacio) and Equal rights (La igualdad de los sexos). 2. ‘Multiculturalism in Hispanic society’ This will immerse you in issues spanning the Hispanic world including Immigration (La inmigración), Racism (El racismo) and Integration (La convivencia). 3. ‘Political and Artistic culture’: This unit includes a range of topics available to study including Modern day idols (La influencia de los ídolos), Spanish regional identity (La identidad regional en España) and cultural heritage (El patrimonio cultural) alongside aspects of political life in the Spanish world which could include topics such as today's youth, tomorrow's citizens (Jóvenes de hoy, ciudadanos del mañana), monarchies and dictatorships (Monarquías y dictaduras) and popular movements (Movimientos populares). 4. ‘Literary texts and films’: This unit will connect you with some of the great classics of Spanish literature and Film and could include the works of Lorca, García Márquez, Zafón and del Toro along with others. 5. ‘Grammar’: You will build on the knowledge you have gained during GCSE Spanish and explore the grammatical system and structure of the language allowing you to accurately use grammar and structure in all your written and spoken assessments. 6. ‘Individual Research Project’: This will challenge you to identify a subject or a key question which is of interest to you and relates to a country where Spanish is spoken. You will select relevant information, in Spanish, from a range of sources which you will then present in a speaking assessment. Progression Routes There are a variety of different progression routes you can follow with this subject. These can include different pathways to achieve numerous careers through Higher Education, Apprenticeships or Employment. Specific routes for Spanish can include studying modern foreign languages at university level or following routes into employment in the following sectors: Logistics, Translation, Civil Service, Journalism, Teaching, International Politics and Relations, International Marketing, and the Charity Sector. Additional Learning Opportunities Learners studying Spanish are invited to join our Language Acadamy, Foreign Films Academy and Events academy to support events such as cultural celebrations. There are also regular talks organised for learners through our lunchtime talks series, and within specific academies from a diverse range of speakers. This may include academics from Language departments at universities and people working in the world of Languages. There will be opportunities for subject specific trips, such as trips outside of the UK, and pen-pal opportunities. "SGS Sixth was an amazing experience for me. My teachers were always on hand to help with any of my problems and ensure I achieved my maximum potential." Student Support Our Team Find out more about our outstanding staff and departments, dedicated to providing you with outstanding learning and support. Careers Advice Academies

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  • SGS Sixth learners take part in Trips Day

    The 28th and 29th November were the first trips days of the academic year. SGS Sixth learners enjoyed a range of different trips on these days. A Level English Language learners visited the offices of 'the Guardian' newspaper in London and took part in a workshop entitled 'Behind the Headlines' focusing on opinion writing. They also got a guided tour of the newsroom to see journalists at work. The learners also enjoyed some sightseeing around London, seeing Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. A Level Economics learners were invited to the Business School at UWE and took part in some Economic taster sessions. These included an introduction to the role of the Bloomberg Trading Suite and they also attended a lecture with current degree students on the Economic History of events leading up to the First World War. Lastly the learners also benefitted from a tour of the campus and the opportunity to ask student ambassadors about university life. L3 Criminology, A Level Sociology and A Level Law learners visited Shepton Mallet Prison. Whilst there they had a tour of the prison site that included the execution room and the cells. They also learned about historical punishments and retribution and engaged in a lively debate on the pros and cons of capital punishment. A Level Law learners also were able to visit Bristol Magistrates Court to sit in on some magistrates hearings. This was a valuable opportunity for Law learners to see the law in action and the learners received compliments from the clerk of the court of how engaged they were in the proceedings. A Level Geography and Biology learners were able to glimpse behind the scenes of the recently closed Bristol Zoo and use their classrooms to undertake a study of the human impact on ecology on the Downs in Bristol. They used a variety of different methods to investigate the distribution of organisms and collect data on flora percentatage before analysing their results, putting classroom theory into practice. A Level Psychology learners enjoyed a trip to UWE's Glenside Campus to visit the Glenside Psychiatric Hospital Museum. The hospital used to hold Psychiatric patients until 1994 and has multiple exhibits detailing historical treatments of mental illnesses like treplanning and the lobotomy. Lastly, A Level Physics learners visited the Engineering Department at the University of Bath and had a tour of the labs of the Mechanical Engineering department. They also took part in a demonstration using a wind tunnel and discussed fluid dynamics, and took part in a demonstration of tensile testing, where they took the data back to the Sixth Form to analyse. They also to look around the University of Bath campus and saw the sports centre of the university. More trips will be available on the next Trips Days being held on the 7th and 8th of March, with additional trips taking place in some subjects before then. We look forward to taking our learners on some more fantastic days out as part of their study programmes. Applications to join SGS Sixth are now open. To apply, please select your subjects from the subject page and submit an application. The next open day is on the 27th January.

  • Learners enjoy talk from engineering expert

    In the latest of our STEM@Lunch talks series, A Level learners at SGS Sixth were lucky enough to listen to Dr Russell Haines, who works at MBDA Missile Systems. He spoke to the learners about the different routes to Engineering as a career as well as his own career path. He also went on to speak about the great opportunities there are within the company for work experience and apprenticeships if that was the path some students wanted to take on. Our STEM@Lunch talks series is a monthly talks series specifically designed for our STEM learners which invites experts from universities and employment in to talk to our learners on different topics.

  • Law and Politics learners visit Houses of Parliament

    On the 19th of September 2023, Law and Politics learners from SGS Sixth visited the Houses of Parliament with their teachers, Maddie Peace and Lamin Sanneh. On the trip, the learners were shown around Parliament, being able to see important national locations such as Westminster Hall, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the robing room where the King gets ready prior to the State Opening of Parliament. They also took part in a workshop session looking at what laws should be introduced, with sessions exploring current events such as debates around legislation to ban XL Bully dogs and legislation around immigration policy. The learners also got the opportunity to speak to their local MP, Jack Lopresti, and ask him questions about Parliament and issues important to them; such as public transport in the Bristol area and education funding. Maddie, who organised the trip, said “This was an amazing opportunity for the learners who study both Politics and Law. They really enjoyed the trip, and the workshop was excellent and helped them to develop their public speaking skills. It also really contextualised the political process helping them embed what they have studied in the classroom."

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