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SGS Sixth learners attend UCAS Discovery Event

On the 23rd April all of our Year 1 learners were given the opportunity to attend a UCAS Discovery Event in Newport, Wales. Around 200 of our learners attended and were able to speak to a range of different universities, apprenticeship providers in addition to listening to talks about all aspects of the UCAS process with UCAS advisors.

This marks the first stage for our Year 1 learners on thinking about their future plans. They were able to ask lots of questions about the differences between studying in a city versus an out-of-town campus, what it is like studying at a Russell Group university, and find out which universities specialise in specific subjects. They were also able to speak to apprenticeship providers as well for alternative routes after Sixth Form. Over the next few months in the Sixth Form, Year 1 learners will continue their journey to formulate their future plans with help identifying which universities or apprenticeships they would like to apply for, support with creating a UCAS account and help with constructing personal statements.

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