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Are you considering choosing an A level that contains a mathematical element; such as Business, Psychology, Economics, Geography or a Science but don't want to do a full A Level in Maths? Are you wanting to continue your development in maths beyond GCSE? Would you like to know how to apply maths to budgeting and personal finance?
If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, then Core Maths is the subject for you!

Core Maths is a one-year subject taken as a fourth option alongside your other A Level choices. It is an opportunity for you to continue to develop and hone your mathematical skills which are especially important in a range of subjects that require good levels of mathematical skill.

Core Maths carries the same amount of UCAS points as an AS qualification (up to 20 UCAS points) and is taught on the AQA specification.

You will sit two papers at the end of the year, both 1 hour and 30 minutes long and worth 60 marks. You will sit Paper 1 and Paper 2A - Statistical Techniques and can take a scientific calculator into both exams.

Entry Requirements

Core Maths is studied as a fourth subject offer.
A grade 5 in GCSE Maths is required to study the subject in addition to the entry criteria required for your other subjects.

AQA core maths is studied over 1 year and consists of two units.

Unit 1 is focused on the application of statistical techniques, interpreting data and drawing conclusions in the solution of problems. This involves estimation, collection of data and analysis of data, and maths for personal finance (e.g. taxation savings, loans and mortgages).

Unit 2 involves working with critical analysis of data and models (including spreadsheets and tabular data), normal distribution of data (e.g. peoples heights, errors in measures etc), you will also work with probabilities and estimations and correlation and regression analysis of graphs.

Studying Core Maths will equip you with a range of skills to make you more attractive to universities and employers and also aid you in your subject choices at A Level. You will develop key skills such as problem solving, data and budget management, and data modelling which are extremely important life and employability skills.

If you study Mathematics, you can benefit from our maths mentor programme where our dedicated maths mentors help to support and guide newer learners in the Sixth Form. The maths department also run a drop-in maths clinic twice a week for you to obtain bespoke support and guidance with your mathematical problems. You could take part in one of the problem-solving courses at Bath/Bristol University or engage with university academics and employers in our STEM@Lunch and SGS Sixth Talks series.

"SGS Sixth was an amazing experience for me. My teachers were always on hand to help with any of my problems and ensure I achieved my maximum potential."

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