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A Level Media looks at what different tools and techniques the mass media uses to communicate to its recipients. We look at how language is used in the media, how certain groups or concepts are represented, what types of media industries there are, and also how the media engages with its audience. We explore the different forms of media (such as: television, magazines, radio, newspapers etc) and debate there effectiveness and use in different situations. You are given the opportunity to create your own project as part of your NEA, developing your own personal use of the tools given to someone who works within the media.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.

Year 1 & 2


Media Language
This topic helps you develop your understanding of the types of language the media uses. You will study Semiotics, Narratology, Genre, Structuralism and Post-Modernism, among other theories which focus on portraying meaning with the end goal of creating influence

Media Representation
In this topic we look at how events are represented in the media, these could be significant one time events, or the study of how groups of people or cultures are portrayed. We focus on various theories of representation as well as Feminism, Gender, Ethnicity, and Post-Colonialism.

Media Industries
This topic explores the nitty gritty of the media industry. We look at the actual logistics of the industry and explore the effects of modern technology, the culture of the current industry, production of media, economic factors and more. We look at theoretical frameworks such as Power and Media, Regulations (Livingstone and Lunt) and Cultural Industries (Hesmondhalgh).

Media Audiences
This topic explains how audiences are organised and how they are targeted. We look at what constitutes as appealing material to an audience and how to effectively reach that demographic. The theories explored in this topic are Media Effects, Cultivation Theory, Reception Theory, Fandom and 'End of Audience' Theory.

NEA (non-examined assessment)
This is your opportunity to craft your own type of media. The brief will be discussed in class but it will give you the opportunity to get creative and make anything from a TV advert to an online blog. We will be using programmes such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro (and other editing software).

Students who study A Level Media often go on to university to study degree in courses to do with marketing, broadcasting, journalism etc. There are also apprenticeship opportunities which allow students to receive industry experience while earning a wage.

We offer a fantastic series of media relevant degree options at our WISE campus for those who are looking to stay local to the Bristol/South Gloucestershire area. Our WISE campus offers state of the art facilities, to find out more about this option please visit https://he.sgscol.ac.uk/.

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