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UAL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma


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Do you have an interest in the visual arts but want to combine this with other subjects? Are you looking at developing your artistic skillset in either fine art, graphics, fashion and textiles, photography, or craft? Do you want to have access to outstanding art facilities and expert specialists? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the UAL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Visual Arts maybe for you!

The University of the Arts London awarding body is the only specialist art, design and creative industries awarding organisation in England and builds on the well-known reputation of UAL as one of the leading universities for Art and Design. The UAL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Visual Arts is equivalent to an A Level and carries the same amount of UCAS points and you will take this alongside two other A Level choices.

This qualification is designed to introduce you to the breadth and diversity of specialisms within visual arts and provide you with the opportunity to experiment in the first, then specialise in one of the different pathways of fine art, graphics, fashion and textiles, photography, and craft. The course is taught at our nearby campus at WISE and allows learners access to our high-quality facilities and expert and practicing tutors, whilst also being part of the Sixth Form.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.

A grade 5 or above in GCSE Art and a portfolio of previous artwork

Year 1

In the first year you study unit 1:

1. ‘Exploratory Study in Visual Arts’: In this unit you will gain a broad understanding of the visual arts. This will be done through an exploration of different materials, media, and context to develop an understanding of the principles of creative practice. You will be taught the skills and knowledge to make an informed decision on your own personal strengths to help you decide what direction you would like your work to progress in and to understand the context in which visual arts are situated. You will explore different creative practices and methodologies, different media, and processes to develop a range of different practical and theoretical skills. You will develop the specialist visual vocabulary and terminology needed to express and communicate ideas.

Year 2

In the second year you will study unit 2:

2. ‘Specialist Investigation in Visual Arts’: In this unit you will develop your skills and knowledge within a selected specialist practice(s). You will reinforce your skills to research, problem solve and evaluate work and then undertake an investigation into an externally set synoptic brief. This will ask you to demonstrate and draw on relevant skills, knowledge and understanding that you have developed. You will be taught how to manage an investigation from conception to realisation in response to the brief.

Not only is the UAL L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Visual Arts useful for applying for any Arts based degree at university but combining it with two other A Level options opens opportunities. Combining Art with Psychology for example, give options for Art Therapy related degrees and courses. Art with English Literature would be ideal for degrees involving stage design and set decoration and Art with Media Studies or Film studies will help with degrees in journalism, film, and design.

Taking the UAL L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Visual Arts you will have access to our well-resourced Art facilities at our WISE Campus where the Bristol School of Art is based. The Art department organise trips to Art galleries and also live projects with external bodies. Previous examples of this has been working with Filton Community Gardens to create public art. You can also join our range of academies to further the skills you have developed in the subject. For example, you could join our Social Academy which organises cultural celebrations throughout the year, or our Craft Academy which designs and makes items to sell the charity throughout the year. You may like to join our Psychology Academy if you are thinking of using Art for Art therapy or our Sociology Academy to further your understanding of issues in the world and combining your art skills with this. Lastly, you may choose to join our Media Academy to further develop skills with software such as photoshop.

"SGS Sixth was an amazing experience for me. My teachers were always on hand to help with any of my problems and ensure I achieved my maximum potential."

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