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SGS Sixth learners undertake amazing Work Placement!

It was great to see three of our SGS Sixth A Level students, Morgan, Tegan and Marianna perform so well at their work placement.

They completed this at University of Bristol where they gained practical experience working with machines and equipment relevant to their studies. They learnt how to test for diabetes, covid, had a psychology taster session, did data collection, and were also able to find out more about Uni life.

Also Jack Peace has been undertaking work placement at Ashton Gate Stadium working with the marketing team. He is learning about the insights of what people do in this area. His favourite part of work placement so far is completing marketing schedules. His supervisor is very impressed with Jack and said that he is especially good at research in great depth. He also said that he is very pro-active, punctual and is always willing to work hard. It seems that Jack will have a great future in marketing!

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