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SGS A Level Students celebrate fantastic results following the pandemic

The past 2 years have been exceptionally challenging for students, teachers and the wider community, but today SGS Sixth Form students are celebrating some truly outstanding results.

A significant number of Year 13 students were awarded A*/As with 65 in total, many making extraordinary progress based upon their grades on entry. In the Sixth Form, 69% of students achieved grades (A*- C) with an overall pass rate of 97%.

There are highlights across all 25 subjects including: 73% A*- B for Physical Education, 70% A*- B for Biology and 66% A*- B in Psychology. In addition, 66% of our Forensics and Criminal Investigation students achieved high grades in our newest BTEC subject. As a Sixth Form, we consistently provide a well-rounded, inclusive education that enables students to reach their full potential and continue our reputation as one of the best Sixth Forms in the South West.

Megan Jowitt, aged 20, was part of this first cohort. Megan left school and chose to do a make-up course which she undertook for two years. She then did an apprenticeship in Marketing but felt it wasn't for her. She saw the new Forensics course at SGS and was inspired, so she applied instantly. Today she received a Distinction * Distinction (A*A) which is the second highest mark you can get in a BTEC. She also received a B in A Level Sociology. Megan will now study Forensic Investigation at the University of South Wales.

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