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Learners Attend Thought Provoking Life Behind Bars Conference

On Friday, 110 of our learners studying Sociology, Criminology, Law, Psychology and Forensic Science were able to experience the Sixth Forms Life Behind Bars conference. This thought-provoking event involved a group of guest speakers, all of whom are ex-offenders, visiting the Sixth Form to talk openly about their experiences. Sixth Form learners began the day in the Sixth Form library to hear from each speaker, each of which recounted their experiences of entering prison as young people and the circumstances that led them there. In the afternoon, the learners divided into smaller groups which allowed them to spend time with each speaker, asking them questions and receiving answers about the impact their crimes have had on their lives. During the day learners were encouraged to discuss the role of prison as a method of rehabilitation and its effectiveness. The day contained clear links to the topics studied in each of these subjects and was organised by Rebecca Wheeler of the Sociology department. The learners really enjoyed the day and its thought-provoking nature. Jess Harvey, studying Psychology said: "It was an eye-opening day because it showed the impact of prison in a different light. It was interesting to see how it has affected those who have incarcerated and also surprising to see how, at times prison has helped. It gave me a real understanding of what people who have served time have gone through".

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