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Exam Access

Examination access requirements include additional time to sit the test (e.g. for dyslexia) or the use of a reader recorder (someone who reads the questions for you and types in your responses, e.g. for candidates with impaired vision). Candidates need to notify us of their examination access requirements and provide appropriate documentary evidence before they book their exam.

What should I do if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about how you get your EAAs set-up, please make sure that you speak to your tutor who is your central point of contact for any advice any guidance while you are with us at SGS Sixth.

What are EAAs?

Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs) are additional support for learners to enable you to be able to sit assessments on a level playing field to your peers. Examples of exam access arrangements include: Laptop or word processor use, extra time in exams, exams printed on a specific colour paper or enlarged, a reader or prompt, or use of a smaller room.

How do I get my EAAs transferred over to the Sixth Form?

If you have previously had any exam access arrangements at your previous school, getting these carried over to SGS Sixth is easy. As you are entering a new educational institution you will need to arrange an appointment, through your tutor, with our EAA team who will meet with you and complete the required paperwork. This meeting must have been arranged before the January of your first year to ensure that your EAAs are in place for the summer exams. Your teachers will then make sure that any in-class assessments that take place allow you use of your EAAs to establish that this is your normal way of working.

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